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AIDA IPCOMM-POE Streaming Device

CHF 270.00


Give any IP based camera wireless functionality to submit video or
control over most WiFi based routers/networks.

• PoE+ injector to power any IP camera connected to (if supported)
• Capability of using DC12V power tap, or a NPF battery series to
power the camera without use of DC12V port.
• Bottom of the IPCOMM-PoE has 3 1/4-20” mounting holes for perfect
• Provides a wireless solution to hard-to-reach or unmountable camera
setups in any workflow.
• Can be paired with multiple IPCOMM-PoE’s for multi-cam workflows.

Performance based off of overall bitrate, not resolution. Keep in mind
of these rules:

1.Limit the amount of obstacles between the router and IPCOMM-POE

2. Ensure the signal strength seen when setting the IPCOMM-POE up is
above 60%

3. Ensure the bandwidth sent by the camera to the router is within

2Kbps~50kbps, this mostly depends on your signal strength. Anything higher
will cause delay and video rupturing.

4. To avoid power loss, plug in DC12V to keep IPCOMM-PoE running, anda
swap batteries if needed.


Antennas: 4 x 3dBi Dual Band Omni-Directional
Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11ac/a/b/g/n
Transmission Rate: Up to 80 Mbps
RF Parameters: Receiver Sensitivity: -96dBm
Freq: 2.412~2.472GHz 5.180~5.725GHz
Channel Bandiwdth 20/40/80 MHz, AUTO
Encryption: WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK / WPA/WPA2


Physical Ports: RJ45 Port, 12VDC port, NPF Battery Slot
Case: Hardened Aluminum
PoE+ Port Standard: Up to IEEE 802.3at
Indicators: PWR, PoE+ and NPF Battery Status
Switch: On and Off
Operating Temp: 0°C ~ 55°C