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AIDA HD-NDI3-IP67 120 fps NDI HX3 POV Camera IP67

CHF 760.00


Ab Juli 2023

NDI® HX's first 120fps capable camera series!

Just like the its sibling, the HD-NDI3-120, our HD-NDI3-IP67 also is capable of 120 fps capture at 1080p via NDI HX or IP streaming!

Currently, NDI® HX3 standard for 100p & 120p hasn’t been set, so it is recommended to run 100p & 120p in NDI® HX.

HD-NDI3-IP67 Quick Specs:


NDI®|HX3 Camera

FHD Streaming

1080p, 1080i and 720p

4mm CS Mount Lens

HFOV: 80°

Line in Audio

Synced NDI|HX and HDMI Streaming

IP67 Rated

Weatherproof IP67 Rated!

Livestreaming High Frame Rate Video Everywhere, Anytime!

Introducing the HD-NDI3-IP67, a game-changing camera that propels the boundaries of in-studio streaming, capable of displaying mesmerizing 120fps at 1080p resolution through NDI HX. With high frame rate capturing, you gain the power to slow down live footage frame by frame, resulting in captivating slow-motion sequences that will elevate any live-stream, anytime. You can also opt into something more defined, such as NDI HX3, giving you that better, better, faster video capture needed to fulfill even the most demanding of streaming requirements. Featuring a weatherproof casing, the HD-NDI3-IP67 realizes your creative vision in any environment, ensuring unparalleled reliability and performance even amidst the harshest elements.

So unleash your creativity, defy limits, and capture breathtaking moments with the HD-NDI3-IP67. So again, lets make NDI® adventurous!