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AIDA UHD-NDI3-X30 NDI HX3 POV Camera 30x Zoom

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Ab Juli 2023

1080p 60fps HX 3 just got 30X more clearer!

Sitting at the top of the throne of next-gen AIDA NDI HX3 cameras is the pinnacle of our innovation, the UHD-NDI3-X30. Assisting the camera is a 4K 30X optical zoom module, capable of capturing video clearly up to 50M, or 150ft. From Crystal-Clear HX 3 1080p to Majestic HX 2160p, capture every detail and steal the show using the cameras autofocusing ability! 

AIDA's Next Generation 4K Cameras!

The UHD-NDI3-X30 brings the next gen POV 2160p resolutions to NDI HX, as well as the newer 1080p HX3.

Currently, NDI® HX3 standard for 4K hasn’t been set, so it is recommended to run 4K in NDI® HX.

UHD-NDI3-X30 Quick Specs:


NDI HX3 Camera

UHD Streaming

2160p, 1080p, 1080i & 720p

30X Optical Zoom

FL: 7mm~214mm

HFOV: 59° ~ 2°

Line in Audio

Synced NDI|HX & HDMI Streaming