Idolcam lens 10 mm F 2.5 Fisheye
Action camera lens 150 degree field of view 10mm lens in..
Idolcam lens 1000x Microscopic Lens and Stand
The 1000X magnification is achieved when view at 4K @ 72 D..
Idolcam lens 16 mm F 2.4 Ultra wide
Ultra wide angle lens with out the fisheye distortion.Perf..
Idolcam lens 24  mm  F 2.8 Wide angle
90 degree field of view24mm lens in 35 mm equivalent7 elem..
Idolcam lens 35 mm F 1.6 for low light
Great for low light situations - film in near pitch dark c..
Idolcam lens 350 mm F 2.0 Telescope
Manual focus lens For bird lovers, sport fans, or anyone ..
Idolcam lens 85 mm F 2.0 Portrait
85mm lens in 35mm camera equivalent Manual focus lens..